Client Testimonials

What have my clients said about what I do and who I am?

What have my clients said about what I do and who I am?

I have had some very nice comments from some very wonderful people. Below are a few. They have all been very kind, and caused me to blush in differing shades of pink from Lee 111, all the way through to Lee 106 and beyond. And yes, they are all genuine!

He lights up my songs like no other, a real treat of a person to have in your crew.

Martin Brennan, who’s an absolutely phenomenal Lighting Designer and LD, has a passion like we do with our music, he has that passion with illumination.

I have worked with Martin for many years and in that time have appreciated the passion and dedication he brings to his work and our stage. His input is phenomenal and there is no one else I would rather work with.

I saw Martin's show with Squeeze in Brighton last week having not seen him since my Dio days, when he was doing Iron Maiden, and later, Dio. He was very good then , but this time around, he’d taken off all the sharp edges, and rounded everything up. His feel and understanding of the music has matured nicely. It made the show flow and very enjoyable.
Well done Martin, keep rocking!

I have to say, you are by far the best lighting director that I have worked with for a very long time. In fact, probably ever! The photos that I get are always mostly dictated by the imagination of the lighting director. In my view, you and lighting people are massively underrated. So, much so, that I will be writing a blog on this very subject soon and if it’s okay with you, I will feature you heavily in it.

Martin is a huge asset for someone like me. When I’m in the fortunate position to offer him a decent budget, he's wonderfully creative and imaginative and squeezes every single drop out of the lights at his disposal. When money is tighter (as it mostly is), I know that I can also rely on him to pull a rabbit out of the hat, he gets his head down and never rocks the boat; the artist & musicians onstage know he has their backs, his timing is quite impeccable, I am hugely satisfied with his work and on top of that he’s a bloody nice bloke.

I’ve known Martin for close to 30 years. In that time I’ve seen a designer who’s grown and constantly created unique and creative designs. His timing and consistency is flawless.

He’s a great team player, and a joy to be around.

Working with lighting designer Martin Brennan was one of the best experiences of my professional life. He had absolutely impeccable timing, paid very close attention to the music and the arrangements and was incredibly consistent in the delivery of his cues, which were visually exciting, dramatic or subtle as needed, but always appropriate.

Lighting the stage for a band like Jethro Tull was not an easy task and you had to be paying attention, because the music was challenging and intricate, with a lot of surprising twist and turns. He obviously studied it, did his homework and developed an immediate handle on how to deal with unexpected musical transitions. Occasionally, we might sit and discuss some very specific details and get into the weeds but he was always right there with us. Martin possesses a wonderful disposition, highly professional work ethic and an absolutely superb command of the lighting domain, with a colorful and imaginative approach.

Most importantly, he was easy to work with, enthusiastic and fun to be around and was a pretty darn good dancer when he wanted to be! In my humble opinion, one of the best you could ever find!

Martin is an absolute master in the following things: Lighting design, operating smoothly in high pressure situations, clear communication, great attitude and optimism, creative problem solving, telling entertaining stories and funny jokes. It's a wonder he hasn't been knighted - but he is a king to us.

Working with Martin on a variety of projects over the decades I have always been impressed with his timing and taste operating the show and his preparation and communication in the run-up to a tour or show.

I have worked with Martin on several projects. He has never failed to deliver a first class show and is an all-round top fella with a first class work ethic.